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Spring 1939

Spring 1939

Volume 15, Number 2

  • Henry T. Volkening’s “Tom Wolfe: Penance No More”
  • Jacques Maritain’s “The Pagan Empire and the Power of God”
  • Carl Dreher’s “Spengler and the Third Reich”
  • Lewis Browne’s “What Can the Jews Do?”
  • Stories by Henry T. Volkening, Jacques Maritain, Carl Dreher, and Lewis Browne
  • Poetry by Juan Ramón Jiménez, Ines Camprubi, and Ruth Pitter
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1939

Table of Contents

The Pagan Empire and the Power of God

The Bible condemns the world. What is meant by the world in this case is not nature, but is rather nature in so far as nature pretends to be self-sufficing and to have no need for the endowments of God; and what is meant is not politics, but is polit [...]


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