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Autumn 1975

Autumn 1975

Volume 51, Number 4

  • John A. Allen’s “Eudora Welty: the Three Moments”
  • Seymour Harold Glazer’s “A Woman of Eminent Distinction”
  • Harlan Cleveland’s “We Took Our Eye Off the Ball”
  • Roy C. Macridis’s “Democracy In Greece: for How Long?”
  • Stories by John A. Allen, Seymour Harold Glazer, Harlan Cleveland, and Roy C. Macridis
  • Poetry by Anne Winters
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Autumn 1975

Table of Contents

Eudora Welty: The Three Moments

THE characters in Eudora Welty's fiction are fortunate indeed, for they are conceived in kindness, justice and compassion by the imagination that creates them. In Miss Welty's work, the strong and the weak, the magnanimous and the mean alike, in ev [...]

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