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Winter 1983

Winter 1983

Volume 59, Number 1

  • Richard L. Predmore’s “Government Language Utilization: the Tower of Babel Resurrected”
  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “January 30, 1933: A Memoir”
  • Bruce Michelson’s “Lowell Versus Lowell”
  • Thaddeus Holt’s “Mr. Clay’s War: A Metahistory”
  • Stories by Richard L. Predmore, Hans A. Schmitt, Bruce Michelson, and Thaddeus Holt
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, David Ignatow, David Lehman, and Robert Schultz
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Winter 1983

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Thaddeus Holt is a lawyer and military historian, author of The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War (Scribner, 2004) and numerous magazine articles. “Mr.