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Spring 1985

Spring 1985

Volume 61, Number 2

  • Wendy W. Fairey’s “In My Mother’s House: Images of a Hollywood Childhood”
  • Henry Petroski’s “Numeracy and Literacy: The Two Cultures and the Computer Revolution”
  • Anne Hobson Freeman’s “Hugh”
  • Monroe K. Spears’s “George Garrett and the Historical Novel”
  • Stories by Wendy W. Fairey, Henry Petroski, Anne Hobson Freeman, and Monroe K. Spears
  • Poetry by Hayden Carruth, Ron Slate, William Heyen, and Ed Ochester
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Spring 1985

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Hayden Carruth (1921–2008) published work with VQR for nearly forty years, and he remains the only poet to have won VQR’s Emily Clark Balch Prize more than once.