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Winter 1986

Winter 1986

Volume 62, Number 1

  • Harry S. Ashmore’s “Doubling the Standard”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “Family Pieces”
  • John Milton Cooper’s “Theodore Roosevelt: On Clio’s Active Service”
  • George Core’s “Mr. Tate and the Limits of Poetry”
  • Stories by Harry S. Ashmore, Irby B. Cauthen, John Milton Cooper, and George Core
  • Poetry by Gail Wronsky, Alice Fulton, Kim Stafford, and Conrad Hilberry
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Winter 1986

Table of Contents

Prophets With Honor

Forgotten Prophet: The Life of Randolph Bourne. By Bruce Clayton. Louisiana.$25.00. Bulgakov: Life and Work. By Ellendea Proffer. Ardis. $45. 00 cloth, $15. 00 paper. Many people have heard of Randolph Bourne, but very few are familiar with his wr [...]



Author Profiles

John Milton Cooper Jr. wrote widely on American diplomatic history. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.