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Spring 1996

Spring 1996

Volume 72, Number 2

  • Jeanne Schinto’s “The Lover of Libraries”
  • Lionel Basney’s “Mia California: An Opera Journal”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Obsolescence, the Death of Newspapers, and All That”
  • J. A. S. Evans’s “The Present State of Canada”
  • Stories by Jeanne Schinto, Lionel Basney, Richard O’Mara, and J. A. S. Evans
  • Poetry by Jon Loomis, Marianne Boruch, Patricia Dobler, and Elena Karina Byrne
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Spring 1996

Table of Contents

The Scotsman’s Return From Abroad

I am the Scot I write about, but my title is second-hand and comes from the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Living much abroad, at the end of his life in romantic Samoa, he grew up in Edinburgh, near Charlotte Square. Cooly classical buildings sta [...]

Author Profiles

Jeanne Schinto is the author of three books, including Huddle Fever: Living in the Immigrant City (Knopf, 1995).