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Winter 1942

Winter 1942

Volume 18, Number 1

  • Albert Guerard’s “Toward American Morale”
  • Civilis Civilis’s “French Democracy Underground”
  • Philip Van Doren Stern’s “Books and Best-Sellers”
  • John Temple Graves’s “The Fighting South”
  • Stories by Albert Guerard, Civilis Civilis, Philip Van Doren Stern, and John Temple Graves
  • Poetry by Robert Penn Warren, Theodore Morrison, Frederick Ebright, and Gilbert Maxwell
[toc] Table of Contents
Winter 1942

Table of Contents

Toward American Morale

Morale means, not morality, but determination. Between the accession of Hitler to power and the outbreak of the war, the Allies had intelligence on their side: the most learned and most philosophical nation on earth had abdicated in the hands of a cr [...]