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Winter 1945

Winter 1945

Volume 21, Number 1

  • Max Lerner’s “Freedom in the Shadows”
  • Albert Viton’s “The British Parliament in Total War”
  • Nathaniel Peffer’s “Colonies and the Peace”
  • Harold S. Quigley’s “Sovereign Man or Sovereign State?”
  • Stories by Max Lerner, Albert Viton, Nathaniel Peffer, and Harold S. Quigley
  • Poetry by Violet Turner, Frederick Ebright, and David Morton
[toc] Table of Contents
Winter 1945

Table of Contents

Freedom in the Shadows

"Men live by symbols," we have been told; and it is a deep truth, provided only that the symbol stands for something that is substance and not sham. So it is with freedom, and that body of freedoms which Americans call their "civil liberties." We oft [...]

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