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Autumn 1977

Autumn 1977

Volume 53, Number 4

  • John Seelye’s “The Measure of His Company: Richard M. Nixon In Amber”
  • James A. Nuechterlein’s “Neo-Conservatism and Its Critics”
  • Fred Hobson’s “James Mcbride Dabbs: Isaac Mccaslin In South Carolina”
  • John Milton Cooper’s “Walter Hines Page: the Southerner As American”
  • Stories by John Seelye, James A. Nuechterlein, Fred Hobson, and John Milton Cooper
  • Poetry by Charles Simic, Mark Rudman, Quentin Vest, and Thomas Lux
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Autumn 1977

Table of Contents

Alfred Tennyson as a Poet for Our Time

During the past year, there has been a program on educational television called "Anyone for Tennyson?" The series began with readings and discussion of Tennyson's poetry, and subsequent installments treated other Victorian and modern poets. The title [...]