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Winter 1979

Winter 1979

Volume 55, Number 1

  • Adda B. Bozeman’s “Law and Diplomacy In the Quest for Peace”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “Continuing Education, Or Beyond the Ph.D.”
  • Louis J. Halle’s “The Flight of Seabirds”
  • Paul A. Zahl’s “In A Molluscan Mood”
  • Stories by Adda B. Bozeman, Samuel Pickering, Louis J. Halle, and Paul A. Zahl
  • Poetry by Lauren Shakely
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Winter 1979

Table of Contents

Continuing Education, Or Beyond the Ph.D.

I am the best unemployed teacher in the country. When I taught a course, Dartmouth rented the Knights of Columbus meeting hall. Students followed me like canine gentlemen followed Fifi in the spring—that is before the milk truck ran over her. I'm [...]

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