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Autumn 1983

Autumn 1983

Volume 59, Number 4

  • Sylvia Sunderlin’s “The Year I Was the Duchess”
  • Irving Louis Horowitz’s “Printed Words, Computers, and Democratic Societies”
  • Edgar F. Shannon’s “ ‘The Thews of Anakim’: Postulations of the Superhuman in Tennyson’s Poetry”
  • William Attwood’s “Twenty Years After Dallas”
  • Stories by Sylvia Sunderlin, Irving Louis Horowitz, Edgar F. Shannon, and William Attwood
  • Poetry by Alice Fulton, Leslie E. Taylor Jr., Kate Daniels, and Cleopatra Mathis
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Autumn 1983

Table of Contents

Charles Dickens and the Law

Some of the important details of the life of Charles Dickens are as familiar to many of us as the various qualities of mind and heart which we have come to associate with such memorable characters as David Copperfield and Philip Pimp, otherwise kn [...]

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