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Summer 1991

Summer 1991

Volume 67, Number 3

  • David H. Lynn’s “Telling Irony: Peter Taylor’s Later Stories”
  • Peter Harris’s “Hunger, Hope, and Nurture: Poetry From Michael Ryan, the Chinese Democracy Movement, and Maxine Kumi”
  • John T. Irwin’s “The Journey to the South: Poe, Borges, and Faulkner”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “William Faulkner and My Middle East Problem”
  • Stories by David H. Lynn, Peter Harris, John T. Irwin, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Peter Cooley, Elizabeth Dodd, and Terese Svoboda
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Summer 1991

Table of Contents

A Common Language

Writers are the engineers of the soul. General Tran Van Tra Ho Chi Minh City June 24th, 1990 "I was born in 1949," Le Minh Khue began quietly. "That is to say I'm one year younger than W.D. Ehrhart. In wartime, he served with a rifle [...]

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