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Spring 1993

Spring 1993

Volume 69, Number 2

  • Sarah Hardison O’Connor’s “Exiled: A Memoir of O. B. Hardison, Jr.”
  • Henry Taylor’s “A Few Lessons From Horses”
  • David T. Gies’s “Spain 1992: Notes From A Survivor”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “The Left-Handed Glove (A Memory)”
  • Stories by Sarah Hardison O’Connor, Henry Taylor, David T. Gies, and Louis D. Rubin
  • Poetry by John McKernan, Marianne Boruch, Dabney Stuart, and William Stafford
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Spring 1993

Table of Contents

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

I'd had just about enough of my own damn funeral. The red hymnals, the Sunday suits, the long faces filing past. I'd seen it all before, over and over in fact, and by now it was like a toilet running after everybody's gone to bed. You know? There's [...]


Author Profiles

Henry Taylor is the author of five volumes of poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize–winning The Flying Change, and a collection of essays on contemporary poetry entitled Compulsory Figures.