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Winter 1994

Winter 1994

Volume 70, Number 1

  • Louis D. Rubin’s “Did Churchill Ruin ‘The Great Work of Time’? Thoughts on the New British Revisionism”
  • Robert Olen Butler’s “The Handwriting on the Wall”
  • Hunt Janin’s “The Post-Information Society”
  • Leonard Kriegel’s “Beaches In Winter”
  • Stories by Louis D. Rubin, Robert Olen Butler, Hunt Janin, and Leonard Kriegel
  • Poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar, Lawrence Raab, Carol Frost, and T. Alan Broughton
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Winter 1994

Table of Contents

Sing Doo Wah Diddy With Derrida

Once upon a time, a French academic domiciled in the United States thought it would be a good idea to mark the opening of his university's newly instituted Humanities Center by holding a conference on Structuralism, the philosophic system which had penetrated most sections of French intellectual life and, in doing so, marginalized Existentialism, the immediate postwar reigning philosophy even while Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir were still alive.


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