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Summer 1994

Summer 1994

Volume 70, Number 3

  • Sydney Lea’s “Mercy on Beeson’s Partridge”
  • Morris Freedman’s “The Persistence of Plagiarism, the Riddle of Originality”
  • Helen Barolini’s “The Italian Side of Emily Dickinson”
  • Kenneth W. Thompson’s “John F. Kennedy and Revisionism”
  • Stories by Sydney Lea, Morris Freedman, Helen Barolini, and Kenneth W. Thompson
  • Poetry by Steve Kronen, Dave Smith, Michael Mott, and Elizabeth Dodd
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1994

Table of Contents

The Wayward Media

(Excerpts from a speech to the National Press Club) My love affair with Washington began on the day I arrived in April 1957, because the Associated Press, the AP, which brought me here, raised my salary from $120 a week to $140 a week. Then, when [...]

Author Profiles

The author of seven books and many short stories and essays that have appeared in literary publications as well as in anthologies and the annual series “The Best American Essays,” Helen Barolini’s work has been noted for the intercultural ties bet