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Autumn 1997

Autumn 1997

Volume 73, Number 4

  • G. Edward White’s “The Last Train From Victoria Falls”
  • Peter Harris’s “Poetry Chronicle: Difficult and Otherwise: New Work By Ruefle, Young, and Aleshire”
  • George Watson’s “The Birth of Jeeves”
  • William Berry’s “Personal Politics: American Autobiography”
  • Stories by G. Edward White, Peter Harris, George Watson, and William Berry
  • Poetry by Charles Harper Webb, Pat Mangan, John Skoyles, and D. Nurkse
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Autumn 1997

Table of Contents

Faulkner and Race: Art and Punditry

A curious silence has thus far greeted the centenary of William Faulkner, born in New Albany, Mississippi in the autumn of 1897.By any accounting, he was the most distinguished American storyteller of the century; and it is astonishing still to rec [...]

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