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Spring 1999

Spring 1999

Volume 75, Number 2

  • John Smolens’s “In the Desert”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “The Jesuit Republic of South America”
  • David Kirby’s “What is a Book?”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Hemingways: An American Tragedy”
  • Stories by John Smolens, Richard O’Mara, David Kirby, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Martha Ostheimer, Nicole Pekarske, Mary Oliver, and Paul Breslin
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Spring 1999

Table of Contents

What is a Book?

In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark wood, asking myself a question, namely, "What is the canon?" On my way to answering it, I'd like to say I went to hell and purgatory and paradise, like Dante, but all I did was giv [...]



Author Profiles

David Kirby is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University.