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Summer 2003

Summer 2003

Volume 79, Number 3

  • Quarterlies and the Future of Reading by George Core
  • A Summoning of Place by George Garrett
  • Vive L’Indifférence! by Jesse Bier
  • Fiction by Deborah Prum, Murray Dunlap, Robert Hildt
  • Poetry by John Balaban, Deborah Slicer, Charles Harper Webb, Floyd Skloot, Sharon Leiter, Peter Pereira, Hank Lazer
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Summer 2003

Table of Contents

Quarterlies and the Future of Reading

A review is not measured by the number of stars and scoops it gets. Good literature is produced by a few queer people in odd corners; the use of a review is not to force talent, but to create a favourable atmosphere. T. S. Eliot to F. M. Ford, [...]

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