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Winter 2007

Winter 2007

Oil in Africa

Volume 83, Number 1

A special portfolio on Oil in Africa:
• John Ghazvinian on the black market for stolen oil in Nigeria
• Chris Hondros photographs the Oshie gas flare
• Nicholas Shaxson on Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang
• J. Malcolm Garcia on the humanitarian crisis in Chad
• New work by Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns, Pauline Chen, Walter Mosley, and J. Hoberman
• Fiction by Daniel Alarcón and Peter Nadas
• Poetry by Debra Bruce, Miriam Levine, Glyn Maxwell, Paisley Rekdal, Alan Shapiro, and C. Dale Young.

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Winter 2007, Oil in Africa

Table of Contents

The Curse of Oil

She had one of those scrubbed-up, warbling voices from the Northern Plains, full of flattened vowels and Scandinavian resolve, and it made me think of Fargo. The vast backdrop of Peterbilt trucks and speedboat auctions, the envelope of fresh November [...]