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Summer 1938

Summer 1938

Volume 14, Number 3

  • A. A. Berle, Jr.’s “The Lost Art of Economics”
  • Ernestine Evans’s “London Crumb Cake”
  • John Peale Bishop’s “The Discipline of Poetry”
  • Walter Millis’s “Cross Purposes in the New Deal”
  • Stories by A. A. Berle, Jr., Ernestine Evans, John Peale Bishop, and Walter Millis
  • Poetry by Harry Brown, Ben Belitt, and Lawrence Lee
[toc] Table of Contents
Summer 1938

Table of Contents

The Lost Art of Economics

In conversation recently, one of America's most noted scientists was discussing economics with one of America's most noted historians. The scientist observed that whereas medicine had made enormous advances in the past fifteen hundred years, economic [...]

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