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Autumn 1943

Autumn 1943

Volume 19, Number 4

  • Charles Seymour’s “Versailles in Perspective”
  • Andreas Dorpalen’s “Britain and Russia”
  • H. Clarence Nixon’s “Big Four”
  • David Cushman Coyle’s “The Beveridge Plan”
  • Stories by Charles Seymour, Andreas Dorpalen, H. Clarence Nixon, and David Cushman Coyle
  • Poetry by John Malcolm Brinnin, and Lawrence Richard Holmes
[toc] Table of Contents
Autumn 1943

Table of Contents

Versailles in Perspective

"We are the executors of Metternich." The phrase ran up and down the corridors of the Quai d'Orsay during the last Peace Conference. It was generally attributed to Balfour and had in it sufficient wit to make such parenthood possible. Moreo [...]