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Summer 1983

Summer 1983

Volume 59, Number 3

  • Morris Freedman’s “I Teach at CCNY”
  • Oscar Mandel’s “Dr. Watson to Dulcinea”
  • David Wykes’s “Orwell In the Trenches”
  • Harry S. Ashmore’s “Below the Bottom Line”
  • Stories by Morris Freedman, Oscar Mandel, David Wykes, and Harry S. Ashmore
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, Dabney Stuart, Peter Balakian, and Hank Lazer
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1983

Table of Contents

Orwell In the Trenches

"The picture of war set forth in books like All Quiet on the Western Front is substantially true." A professor of English who had fought with the U. S. Army in the Second World War published long afterward his memoir of the battle of Monte Cas [...]

Author Profiles

Harry S. Ashmore (1916-1998) was the executive editor of the Arkansas Gazette during the 1957 desegregation crisis at Little Rock’s Central High School and won the Pulitzer Prize for his editorials on the topic.