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Spring 1998

Spring 1998

Volume 74, Number 2

  • Robert Mason’s “Surviving the Blue Killer, 1918”
  • George Watson’s “How to Be An Angel”
  • Helen Barolini’s “The Shadowy Lady of the Street of Dark Shops”
  • Morris Freedman’s “From Hellenism to Hebraism, the Essay In Our Time: Gore Vidal and Irving Kristol”
  • Stories by Robert Mason, George Watson, Helen Barolini, and Morris Freedman
  • Poetry by Lisa Williams, David Wagoner, Ruth Anderson Barnett, and Len Roberts
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Spring 1998

Table of Contents

Ward Just’s Washington

Pity me in 1973: a second-year graduate student, committed to turning avocation (a fascination with American politics) into vocation (political scientist) and increasingly dissatisfied with my commitment. I read day and night in my library carrel [...]

Author Profiles

The author of seven books and many short stories and essays that have appeared in literary publications as well as in anthologies and the annual series “The Best American Essays,” Helen Barolini’s work has been noted for the intercultural ties bet