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Spring 1932

Spring 1932

Volume 8, Number 2

  • Albert Jay Nock’s “The Return of the Patriots”
  • Broadus Mitchell’s “The Economic Deflation of Free Will”
  • Claudius Murchison’s “The Libel Against Capitalism”
  • Ernest Boyd’s “New Letters of Guy De Maupassant”
  • Stories by Albert Jay Nock, Broadus Mitchell, Claudius Murchison, and Ernest Boyd
  • Poetry by Lizette Woodworth Reese, Ben Belitt, and Babette Deutsch
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Spring 1932

Table of Contents

The Economic Deflation of Free Will

I The earliest recollection of my childhood, of a controversial nature, is the clash, sometimes posed in my hearing, between predestination and free will. My elders who spoke of it were conscienceful people, and as far as I was, you may be sure, fro [...]

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