Winter 2014

The art and life of Gabriel Orozco, by Julia Cooke Poetry as a cultural force, by Natasha Tretheway A voice for women in India, by Meera Subramanian A troubling holiday tradition in the Netherlands, by Emily Raboteau Fiction by Steven Amsterdam, Chris Offutt, Lara Vapnyar and Paula Whyman Poetry by Peter Balakian, Stephen Burt, Katie Ford, Nathaniel Perry, Hayden Saunier, and Wendy Videlock
Winter 2014

Volume 90, Number 1

Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2014 cover
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Fine Distinctions 
Amateur Hour 

Contributor Profiles

Natasha Trethewey, a VQR contributing editor, served two terms as the nineteenth Poet Laureate of the United States (2012-2014).

Will Boast is the author of the novel Daphne (Norton/Liveright, 2018), a best-selling memoir, Epilogue (Norton/Liveright, 2014), and a story collection, Power Ballads (Iowa, 2011), which won the Iowa Short Fiction Aw

A VQR Contributing Editor, Julia Cooke’s essays and reporting have appeared in A Public Space, Salon, Tin House, Smithsonian, The Best American Travel Writing 2014, and elsewhere.

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