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Summer 1943

Summer 1943

Volume 19, Number 3

  • H. Clarence Nixon’s “The New Deal and the South”
  • Harold E. Hartney’s “Has Air Power Made Good Its Claims?”
  • Richard A. Lester’s “No Peace Without Prosperity”
  • A. Whitney Griswold’s “The Junkers: Hostages to the Past”
  • Stories by H. Clarence Nixon, Harold E. Hartney, Richard A. Lester, and A. Whitney Griswold
  • Poetry by David Morton, John Malcolm Brinnin, Dilys Bennett Laing, and Babette Deutsch
[toc] Table of Contents
Summer 1943

Table of Contents

The New Deal and the South

The South during the years of the New Deal has experienced a development that enables it and tempts it to talk the confident language of a regular child of the national household, not the subservient terms of an undernourished step-child or orphan. I [...]