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Autumn 1980

Autumn 1980

Volume 56, Number 4

  • Lucinda H. Mackethan’s “I’ll Take My Stand: The Relevance of the Agrarian Vision”
  • Carol Shloss’s “The Privilege of Perception”
  • John Seelye’s “Georgia Boys: the Redclay Satyrs of Erskine Caldwell and Harry Crews”
  • Louis J. Halle’s “The Role of the University In International Relations”
  • Stories by Lucinda H. Mackethan, Carol Shloss, John Seelye, and Louis J. Halle
  • Poetry by Stuart Dybek, Robert Morgan, John Vernon, and Jay Parini
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Autumn 1980

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Stuart Dybek is the author of several collections of short fiction, including I Sailed with Magellan (FSG, 2003), and a collection of poems, Brass Knuckles.