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Summer 1985

Summer 1985

Volume 61, Number 3

  • Malcolm Cowley’s “Peter Blume: Painting the Phoenix”
  • Patrick Samway, S.J.’s “Faulkner, Encore Une Fois”
  • Robert A. Gross’s “The Great Bean Field Hoax: Thoreau and the Agricultural Reformers”
  • Jesse Bier’s “Cobb and Kubrick: Author and Auteur: (Paths of Glory As Novel and Film)”
  • Stories by Malcolm Cowley, Patrick Samway, S.J., Robert A. Gross, and Jesse Bier
  • Poetry by Lee Upton, Linda Gregg, David Wagoner, and Robert Schultz
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Summer 1985

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Malcom Cowley was the author, editor, or translator of more than fifty books and is considered one of the most significant literary critics of the twentieth century.

Fred Hobson is Professor of English and Lineberger Professor in the Humanities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.