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Autumn 1932

Autumn 1932

Volume 8, Number 4

  • Wilson Follett’s “In a Time Like This”
  • Allen Cleaton’s “The Press in Petticoats”
  • Joseph Wood Krutch’s “Art, Magic, and Eternity”
  • Phillips Russell’s “The Plowboy From Edgefield”
  • Stories by Wilson Follett, Allen Cleaton, Joseph Wood Krutch, and Phillips Russell
  • Poetry by Lizette Woodworth Reese, and David Cornel DeJong
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Autumn 1932

Table of Contents

Art, Magic, and Eternity

I It has sometimes been maintained that Art—in its origin at least—is related to magic. Primitive man, it is said, feels that the mere naming of an object or a force is capable of influencing it in some mysterious way, and the technique of art is [...]