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Winter 2005

Winter 2005

Volume 81, Number 1

• Robert Bly and James Wright: A Correspondence
• A Tribute to Carol Shields by Margaret Atwood
• Shields’s last short story, “Segue”
• George Garrett on writing Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
• Sven Birkerts on Max Frisch’s Montauk
• Stephen Boykewich reports from Moscow on Russia after Beslan
• Previously unpublished photos of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
• Joyce Carol Oates’s story of suspense, “So Help Me God”
• New poems by Rita Dove, Henry Taylor, and Mark Doty
• Louis D. Rubin, Jr., on recent biographies of Teddy Roosevelt

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Winter 2005

Table of Contents

Robert Bly and James Wright: A Correspondence

For as long as I can remember I've been hearing the story: that James Wright, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, had nearly given up writing early in his career. What saved him? An unexpected copy of a new magazine called The Fifties and the ensuing correspondence with its young poet-editor Robert Bly. The correspondence bloomed into a friendship, and Wright's best and most famous poems were written at Bly's farm in Madison, Minnesota. As I say, I've been hearing this for as long as I can remember. But without a biography or a volume of Wright's letters to confirm the story, it always remained in the realm of rumor. 

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