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Spring 2009

Spring 2009

The End of Ice

Volume 85, Number 2

• Ted Conover walks a thinning frozen river in the Himalayas
• Tipper Gore photographs a shrinking glacier in western Canada
• Paul Reyes hunts icebergs for profit in the North Atlantic
• Pat Joseph on the risks of genengineering a solution to global warming
• Dimiter Kenarov trails a serial killer in Macedonia
• Installment #4 of “Jordan W. Lint” by Chris Ware
• Lawrence Weschler on the art of Trevor and Ryan Oakes
• Poetry by Rita Dove and Jim Harrison

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Spring 2009, The End of Ice

Table of Contents

Slipping from Shangri-La

The line of forty walkers moved quickly, which was good for keeping warm but bad for keeping my balance. Because we were walking on ice, a frozen river. The Zanskar, walled in on both sides by a towering gorge, is the only winter link between village [...]


Author Profiles

Ted Conover is the author of Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing, Whiteout, Coyotes, and Rolling Nowhere. He is writer-in-residence at the Arthur L.

Rita Dove is a former US Poet Laureate (1993–1995) and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for her book Thomas and Beulah (Carnegie Mellon, 1986).