Spring 2015

Erik Vance on the perils of the shark trade Sierra Crane-Murdoch on working the sugar-beet harvest Colleen Kinder on Iceland’s rancid culinary celebration Jason Motlagh on Cuba’s ice-cream craze James Conaway on Napa Valley and the Jeffersonian ideal Lauren Markham on how chefs claim their creative turf on Instagram Jessica B. Harris on what historical postcards teach us about foodways Kevin Young on an unlikely civil-rights hero Bill McCullough on the American wedding Pamela Erens on eating and the pleasure of denial Siva Vaidhyanathan on authentic South Indian food Fiction by Sarah Frisch, Ross McMeekin, Andrew Malan Milward, and Deborah Willis Poetry by Michael Bazzett, F. Douglas Brown, Ansel Elkins, Brooks Haxton, Linda Pastan, Todd Portnowitz, Maggie Smith, and Crystal Williams Criticism by Scott Korb and James McWilliams Amateur Hour by Jack Hitt Talisman by Amy Bloom Mapping by Megan Suau Fine Distinctions by Gregory McNamee
Spring 2015

Volume 91, Number 2

Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 2015 cover
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