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Winter 1944

Winter 1944

Volume 20, Number 1

  • Walter Millis’s “A President Must Be Elected”
  • Lloyd Mallan’s “Argentina: Postwar Threat to the Americas”
  • Silas Bent’s “Tangled Bureaucracies”
  • Joachim Joesten’s “Denmark’s Costly Revolt”
  • Stories by Walter Millis, Lloyd Mallan, Silas Bent, and Joachim Joesten
  • Poetry by Dorothy Wellesley
[toc] Table of Contents
Winter 1944

Table of Contents

A President Must Be Elected

Ours is a government of checks and balances; and perhaps the greatest check which it imposes at the moment on vigorous policy and farsighted statesmanship is the fortuitous fact that one year hence we must hold a Presidential election. The American p [...]

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