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Spring 1945

Spring 1945

Volume 21, Number 2

  • Allen Tate’s “The New Provincialism: With an Epilogue on the Southern Novel”
  • James Truslow Adams’s “The Unity of the United States”
  • John Temple Graves’s “The Chance-Taking South”
  • Walter Millis’s “Getting Down to Brass Tacks”
  • Stories by Allen Tate, James Truslow Adams, John Temple Graves, and Walter Millis
  • Poetry by Conrad Aiken, Lawrence Lee, Walter de la Mare, and Harry Brown
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1945

Table of Contents

The Chance-Taking South

A sleep in the arms of twenty-two-cent cotton the Southern farmer may think no dawn is coming. But come it will, and his beautiful lady will disappear or turn into his enemy. What the soothsayers are saying as they look at the postwar South is that a [...]