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Spring 1981

Spring 1981

Volume 57, Number 2

  • James A. Nathan’s “Zbigscam: U.S. Foreign Policy, 1976-80”
  • Carl N. Degler’s “Rethinking Post-Civil War History”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “Shakespearean Tragedy and the Nostalgic Vision”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “The Books I Left Behind”
  • Stories by James A. Nathan, Carl N. Degler, Irby B. Cauthen, and Samuel Pickering
  • Poetry by Albert Goldbarth, Mary Ruefle, Forough Farrokhzad, and Laurie Sheck
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Spring 1981

Table of Contents

The Myth of Peace Through Strength

The sweeping conservative victory in last November's elections marks a reaffirmation of the politics of strength in America, of hawkish toughness, of faith in the efficacy of military power to "defend" us and guarantee our security; a reassertion [...]


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