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Autumn 1987

Autumn 1987

Volume 63, Number 4

  • Samuel Pickering’s “Ink Blots”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Recollections of a Nomad”
  • William Howard Adams’s “The Virginians and the Veneto”
  • George Watson’s “The Doubting of Skepticism”
  • Stories by Samuel Pickering, Richard O’Mara, William Howard Adams, and George Watson
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Paulette Roeske, Thomas Lux, and Kelly Rowe
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Autumn 1987

Table of Contents

The Virginians and the Veneto

Outside of ancient Rome, and of course contemporary England, the founders of the American Republic had more fascination and affinity for the Republic of Venice than any other European experiment in government. They were united on the nature and th [...]

Author Profiles

William Howard Adams is an independent scholar and lecturer on Thomas Jefferson and the history of the garden.