Spring 1977

Richard H. King’s “Mourning and Melancholia: Will Percy and the Southern Tradition” Louis J. Halle’s “The Conduct Versus the Teaching of International Relations” Lucian W. Pye’s “A Very Exceptional Communist” Louis D. Rubin’s “Carson McCullers: the Aesthetic of Pain” Stories by Richard H. King, Louis J. Halle, Lucian W. Pye, and Louis D. Rubin Poetry by Louise Conant, Hank Lazer, and Wyatt Prunty
Spring 1977

Volume 53, Number 2

Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 1977 cover
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Louis D. Rubin, Jr., in his long and distinguished career, has had an immeasurable impact on Southern writing—as novelist, essayist, teacher, and founder of Algonquin Books.

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