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Autumn 1979

Autumn 1979

Volume 55, Number 4

  • Oscar Mandel’s “Against Castrated Art”
  • Dore Ashton’s “Cezanne and His Temperament”
  • G. Edward White’s “The Unacknowledged Lesson: Earl Warren and the Japanese Relocation Controversy”
  • Jesse Bier’s “Now—And Then”
  • Stories by Oscar Mandel, Dore Ashton, G. Edward White, and Jesse Bier
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Mazzocco, Julia Mishkin, and Merrill Oliver
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Autumn 1979

Table of Contents

Cézanne and His Temperament

One of the most stirring accounts of Cézanne's old age was offered by the painter Émile Bernard in his memoirs. Bernard spent time with Cézanne in Aix when the artist was already considered a hopeless eccentric, stoned by boys in the streets. O [...]


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