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Autumn 1989

Volume 65, Number 4

  • Frances Mayes’s “10,000 Rules to Live By”
  • Ashley Brown’s “T.S. Eliot In the Postmodern Age”
  • Robert Zaretsky’s “The Eclipse of Memory”
  • Scott Donaldson’s “The Jilting of Ernest Hemingway”
  • Stories by Frances Mayes, Ashley Brown, Robert Zaretsky, and Scott Donaldson
  • Poetry by Sherod Santos, Meredith Briggs Skeath, Judith E. Johnson, and Keith Althaus


Summer 1989

Volume 65, Number 3

  • Morris Freedman’s “My Last Summer Session”
  • Edward L. Greenamyre’s “The Pitfalls of Symptomatic Empiricism: I Counted So Long and Still Got It Wrong”
  • Sholom J. Kahn’s “Albert L? Gu?rd (1880-1959): the Styles of A Humanist”
  • Brian C. Rosenberg’s “Mary Lee Settle and the Critics”
  • Stories by Morris Freedman, Edward L. Greenamyre, Sholom J. Kahn, and Brian C. Rosenberg


Spring 1989

Volume 65, Number 2

  • Bill Berry’s “Class Southerner”
  • Lance Olsen’s “The Next Generation In Fiction”
  • Nancy Hale’s “The Toimi”
  • Peter Harris’s “Whole Volumes: Quality of Vision In the Work of Sadoff, Bursk, and Hoffmann”
  • Stories by Bill Berry, Lance Olsen, Nancy Hale, and Peter Harris
  • Poetry by Tom Andrews, Jane Mead, and Lynn Doyle


Winter 1989

Volume 65, Number 1

  • George Watson’s “The Americanness of American Poetry”
  • Russell Fraser’s “Monteverdi and the Immorality of Art”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “Politics”
  • Paul Barolsky’s “Joyce’s Distant Music”
  • Stories by George Watson, Russell Fraser, Samuel Pickering, and Paul Barolsky
  • Poetry by Dave Smith, Mark Halliday, Audrey Bohanan, and Roger Fanning


Autumn 1988

Volume 64, Number 4

  • Frances Mayes’s “Islands In Summer”
  • William Peden’s “Thomas Jefferson: The Man as Reflected in His Account Books”
  • James M. Banner’s “France and the Origins of American Political Culture”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Modernist Culture, the Cunning of History, and Paul De Man”
  • Stories by Frances Mayes, William Peden, James M. Banner, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Susan Stewart, Ross Taylor, Sandy Solomon, and John Engman


Summer 1988

Volume 64, Number 3

  • Helen Barolini’s “Horace’s Torte”
  • Paul Roazen’s “Normality and Nihilism”
  • Hank Lazer’s “Poetry and Thought: the Example of Czeslaw Milosz”
  • Tennant S. Mcwilliams’s “John W. Davis and Southern Wilsonianism”
  • Stories by Helen Barolini, Paul Roazen, Hank Lazer, and Tennant S. Mcwilliams
  • Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Sarah Provost, Ron Smith, and Stanley Moss


Spring 1988

Volume 64, Number 2

  • Mildred Raynolds Trivers’s “The Storm God”
  • Peter Harris’s “Poetry Chronicle: Four Salvers Salvaging: New Work By Voigt, Olds, Dove, and McHugh”
  • Nancy Huddleston Packer’s “The Man Who Said No”
  • Arthur F. Kinney’s “Flannery O’Connor and the Art of the Holy”
  • Stories by Mildred Raynolds Trivers, Peter Harris, Nancy Huddleston Packer, and Arthur F. Kinney
  • Poetry by Ira Sadoff, Mark Halliday, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, and Stuart Downs


Winter 1988

Volume 64, Number 1

  • David Kirby’s “The Sex Lives of the James Family”
  • Jean Edward Smith’s “General Clay and the Russians: A Continuation of the Wartime Alliance in Germany, 1945-1948”
  • James Axtell’s “Confessions of A Bibliolater”
  • Paul Roazen’s “Louis Hartz’s Teaching”
  • Stories by David Kirby, Jean Edward Smith, James Axtell, and Paul Roazen
  • Poetry by Kathleen Norms, James Applewhite, Debra Bruce, and Daniel Corrie


Autumn 1987

Volume 63, Number 4

  • Samuel Pickering’s “Ink Blots”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Recollections of a Nomad”
  • William Howard Adams’s “The Virginians and the Veneto”
  • George Watson’s “The Doubting of Skepticism”
  • Stories by Samuel Pickering, Richard O’Mara, William Howard Adams, and George Watson
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Paulette Roeske, Thomas Lux, and Kelly Rowe


Summer 1987

Volume 63, Number 3

  • Marie Borroff’s “Rafting Down the Grand Canyon: A Meditation”
  • Howard Wolf’s “Television, Theory, and the Avant-Garde: Johnny, the Colonel, and Late Modernism”
  • Peter Harris’s “A Shelter, A Kingdom, A Half Promised Land: Three Poets In Mid-Career”
  • Stephen Railton’s “Jim and Mark Twain: What Do Dey Stan’ For?”
  • Stories by Marie Borroff, Howard Wolf, Peter Harris, and Stephen Railton
  • Poetry by Greg Kuzma, Sidney Wade, Michael McFee, and Peter Desy


Spring 1987

Volume 63, Number 2

  • Robert Mason’s “His Brother Joe 1914?1964”
  • Russell Fraser’s “Wadi-Bashing In Arabia Deserta”
  • W. D. Ehrhart’s “Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War”
  • Hugh Davis Graham’s “The Paradox of Eleanor Roosevelt: Alcoholism’s Child”
  • Stories by Robert Mason, Russell Fraser, W. D. Ehrhart, and Hugh Davis Graham
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, Ellen Bryant Voigt, W. D. Ehrhart, and Karin Ash


Winter 1987

Volume 63, Number 1

  • Murray Milner’s “Dirt and Development in India”
  • John Seelye’s “Beyond the Shining Mountains: the Lewis and Clark Expedition as an Enlightenment Epic”
  • Darwin J. Flakoll’s “La Vida En Deya”
  • Monroe K. Spears’s “James Dickey as a Southern Visionary”
  • Stories by Murray Milner, John Seelye, Darwin J. Flakoll, and Monroe K. Spears


Autumn 1986

Volume 62, Number 4

  • Samuel Pickering’s “Son and Father”
  • Robert Schultz’s “Gary Snyder and the Curve of Return”
  • Scott Donaldson’s “Supermarket and Superhighway: John Cheever’s America”
  • Elliott J. Gorn’s “John L. Sullivan: The Champion of All Champions”
  • Stories by Samuel Pickering, Robert Schultz, Scott Donaldson, and Elliott J. Gorn


Summer 1986

Volume 62, Number 3

  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “How I Fled Nazi Germany”
  • Viola Hopkins Winner’s “Henry Adams and Lafayette Square, 1877-1885”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Getting Out the Views”
  • Nathan A. Scott’s “The New Trahison Des Clercs: Reflections on the Present Crisis In Humanistic Studies”
  • Stories by Hans A. Schmitt, Viola Hopkins Winner, Richard O’Mara, and Nathan A. Scott
  • Poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar, Robert Bly, Wendell Berry, and Robert Morgan


Spring 1986

Volume 62, Number 2

  • Morris Freedman’s “Moma and Me”
  • Susan Mernit’s “The State of the Short Story”
  • George Watson’s “Osborne, Pinter, Stoppard: A Playful Look At London Since 1956”
  • Mary Davidson Mcconahay’s “ ‘Heidelberry Braids’ and Yankee Politesse: Jean Stafford and Robert Lowell Reconsidered”
  • Stories by Morris Freedman, Susan Mernit, George Watson, and Mary Davidson Mcconahay
  • Poetry by Aleda Shirley, Sarah Provost, Peter Cooley, and Len Roberts


Winter 1986

Volume 62, Number 1

  • Harry S. Ashmore’s “Doubling the Standard”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “Family Pieces”
  • John Milton Cooper’s “Theodore Roosevelt: On Clio’s Active Service”
  • George Core’s “Mr. Tate and the Limits of Poetry”
  • Stories by Harry S. Ashmore, Irby B. Cauthen, John Milton Cooper, and George Core
  • Poetry by Gail Wronsky, Alice Fulton, Kim Stafford, and Conrad Hilberry


Autumn 1985

Volume 61, Number 4

  • David Kirby’s “Mental Health In High Office: Psychological Problems, Political Cures”
  • Paul L. Gaston’s “ ‘This Question of Discipline’: An Interview with Anthony Powell”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Quest for Hemingway”
  • Ian Stevenson, M.D.’s “The End of Patient Abuse In Medical Care”
  • Stories by David Kirby, Paul L. Gaston, Jeffrey Meyers, and Ian Stevenson, M.D.
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, Donald Hall, Frank John Edwards, and David Rosenberg


Summer 1985

Volume 61, Number 3

  • Malcolm Cowley’s “Peter Blume: Painting the Phoenix”
  • Patrick Samway, S.J.’s “Faulkner, Encore Une Fois”
  • Robert A. Gross’s “The Great Bean Field Hoax: Thoreau and the Agricultural Reformers”
  • Jesse Bier’s “Cobb and Kubrick: Author and Auteur: (Paths of Glory As Novel and Film)”
  • Stories by Malcolm Cowley, Patrick Samway, S.J., Robert A. Gross, and Jesse Bier
  • Poetry by Lee Upton, Linda Gregg, David Wagoner, and Robert Schultz


Spring 1985

Volume 61, Number 2

  • Wendy W. Fairey’s “In My Mother’s House: Images of a Hollywood Childhood”
  • Henry Petroski’s “Numeracy and Literacy: The Two Cultures and the Computer Revolution”
  • Anne Hobson Freeman’s “Hugh”
  • Monroe K. Spears’s “George Garrett and the Historical Novel”
  • Stories by Wendy W. Fairey, Henry Petroski, Anne Hobson Freeman, and Monroe K. Spears
  • Poetry by Hayden Carruth, Ron Slate, William Heyen, and Ed Ochester


Winter 1985

Volume 61, Number 1

  • Joyce Carol Oates’s “Romance and Anti-Romance: From Bronte’s Jane Eyre to Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea”
  • Elissa S. Guralnick’s “Radio Drama: the Stage of the Mind”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “Man of Letters”
  • Anthony Storr’s “The Sanity of True Genius”
  • Stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Elissa S. Guralnick, Samuel Pickering, and Anthony Storr
  • Poetry by Rodney Jones, Pattiann Rogers, Peter Meinke, and David Huddle


Autumn 1984

Volume 60, Number 4

  • Jay Silverman’s “Felix”
  • Richard Jones’s “William Golding: Genius and Sublime Silly-Billy”
  • Robert Schultz’s “Dispersions and Freedom: The Situation of Contemporary Poetry”
  • Norman A. Graebner’s “The Soviet-American Conflict: A Strange Phenomenon”
  • Stories by Jay Silverman, Richard Jones, Robert Schultz, and Norman A. Graebner
  • Poetry by Diane Ackerman, Kim Stafford, Martha Collins, and Sue Owen


Summer 1984

Volume 60, Number 3

  • Paul M. Gaston’s “Irony In Utopia: the Discovery of Nancy Lewis”
  • Samuel Yellen’s “The Two Kneelings of King Lear”
  • Paul Barolsky’s “The Case of the Domesticated Aesthete”
  • Anthony Shaw’s “Informed Nonconsent: Ethical Dilemmas In Medical Decision-Making”
  • Stories by Paul M. Gaston, Samuel Yellen, Paul Barolsky, and Anthony Shaw
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, James Ulmer, Baron Wormser, and Franz Wright


Spring 1984

Volume 60, Number 2

  • Joyce Van Dyke’s “Inventing Emily Dickinson”
  • Nathan A. Scott’s “Elizabeth Bishop: Poet Without Myth”
  • George C. Herring’s “Some Legacies and Lessons of Vietnam”
  • Sterling J. Kernek’s “Historical Reflections on the Dangers Ahead”
  • Stories by Joyce Van Dyke, Nathan A. Scott, George C. Herring, and Sterling J. Kernek
  • Poetry by Stuart Dybek, Jack Anderson, Marvin Bell, and Robert Morgan


Winter 1984

Volume 60, Number 1

  • Spence W. Perry’s “Economic Controls In the Seventies: Potemkin Villages on the Potomac”
  • John Seelye’s “Attic Shape: Dusting Off Evangeline”
  • William Collins Watterson’s “His Master’s Voice”
  • Richard R. Guzman’s “ ‘As in Myth, the Signs Were All Over’: The Fiction of N. V. M. Gonzalez”
  • Stories by Spence W. Perry, John Seelye, William Collins Watterson, and Richard R. Guzman
  • Poetry by Martha Webb, Greg Kuzma, John Unterecker, and Susan Ludvigson


Autumn 1983

Volume 59, Number 4

  • Sylvia Sunderlin’s “The Year I Was the Duchess”
  • Irving Louis Horowitz’s “Printed Words, Computers, and Democratic Societies”
  • Edgar F. Shannon’s “ ‘The Thews of Anakim’: Postulations of the Superhuman in Tennyson’s Poetry”
  • William Attwood’s “Twenty Years After Dallas”
  • Stories by Sylvia Sunderlin, Irving Louis Horowitz, Edgar F. Shannon, and William Attwood
  • Poetry by Alice Fulton, Leslie E. Taylor Jr., Kate Daniels, and Cleopatra Mathis


Summer 1983

Volume 59, Number 3

  • Morris Freedman’s “I Teach at CCNY”
  • Oscar Mandel’s “Dr. Watson to Dulcinea”
  • David Wykes’s “Orwell In the Trenches”
  • Harry S. Ashmore’s “Below the Bottom Line”
  • Stories by Morris Freedman, Oscar Mandel, David Wykes, and Harry S. Ashmore
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, Dabney Stuart, Peter Balakian, and Hank Lazer


Spring 1983

Volume 59, Number 2

  • Adda B. Bozeman’s “Decline of the West? Spengler Reconsidered”
  • Bernard P. Kiernan’s “The Conservative Illusion”
  • Max Putzel’s “Faulkner’s Memphis Stories”
  • Arthur F. Kinney’s “In Search of Flannery O’Connor”
  • Stories by Adda B. Bozeman, Bernard P. Kiernan, Max Putzel, and Arthur F. Kinney
  • Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Richard Jones, John Skoyles, and Shirley Kaufman


Winter 1983

Volume 59, Number 1

  • Richard L. Predmore’s “Government Language Utilization: the Tower of Babel Resurrected”
  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “January 30, 1933: A Memoir”
  • Bruce Michelson’s “Lowell Versus Lowell”
  • Thaddeus Holt’s “Mr. Clay’s War: A Metahistory”
  • Stories by Richard L. Predmore, Hans A. Schmitt, Bruce Michelson, and Thaddeus Holt
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, David Ignatow, David Lehman, and Robert Schultz


Autumn 1982

Volume 58, Number 4

  • Stephen J. Whitfield’s “ ‘One Nation Under God’: The Rise of the Religious Right”
  • Lillian Smith’s “The Old Days In Jasper: A Reminiscence”
  • Jane Barnes’s “Art and Identity in Richards Jones’ Work”
  • Walter R. Coppedge’s “Tol’able David and the American Heritage”
  • Stories by Stephen J. Whitfield, Lillian Smith, Jane Barnes, and Walter R. Coppedge
  • Poetry by Rainer Maria RilkeFranz Wright, Translator, David Posner, Ramona Weeks, and John Bricuth


Summer 1982

Volume 58, Number 3

  • Norman A. Graebner’s “The Decline of America: A Countering Appraisal”
  • Robert J. Brugger’s “Apocalypse Now: American Military Planning In An Age of Diminishing Possibilities”
  • Michael Nelson’s “Evaluative Journalism: A New Synthesis”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Death of Randall Jarrell”
  • Stories by Norman A. Graebner, Robert J. Brugger, Michael Nelson, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Roger Shattuck, Stephen Sandy, Katherine Kane, and Peter Wild


Spring 1982

Volume 58, Number 2

  • John Seelye’s “Oceans of Emotion: the Narcissus Syndrome”
  • Paul Barolsky’s “Walter Pater’s Renaissance”
  • Charlotte H. Scott’s “College Desegregation: Virginia’s Sad Experience”
  • Millicent Bell’s “Huckleberry Finn: Journey Without End”
  • Stories by John Seelye, Paul Barolsky, Charlotte H. Scott, and Millicent Bell
  • Poetry by Irving Feldman, Cynthia Huntington, Michael Cadnum, and Rich Ives


Winter 1982

Volume 58, Number 1

  • Fred Hobson’s “Gerald W. Johnson: the Southerner As Realist”
  • Dudley Poore’s “On the Plain In Spain”
  • Merrill Peterson’s “Dumas Malone: the Completion of A Monument”
  • Edwin M. Yoder’s “The Sage At Sunset”
  • Stories by Fred Hobson, Dudley Poore, Merrill Peterson, and Edwin M. Yoder
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Georgia Gojmerac-Leiner, David Wagoner, and Conrad Hilberry


Autumn 1981

Volume 57, Number 4

  • Russell Fraser’s “R. P. Blackmur: America’s Best Critic”
  • George C. Herring’s “The ‘Vietnam Syndrome’ and American Foreign Policy “
  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “The Weakness of European Nation-States”
  • Susan Resneck Parr’s “Individual Responsibility in the Great Gatsby”
  • Stories by Russell Fraser, George C. Herring, Hans A. Schmitt, and Susan Resneck Parr
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, Martha Collins, Carol Frost, and Sandford Lyne


Summer 1981

Volume 57, Number 3

  • Robert Coles’s “Freud and God”
  • John Israel & Steven H. Hochman’s “Discovering Jefferson in the People’s Republic of China”
  • Alfred Burger’s “Drug Development: Challenges and Hurdles”
  • Agnes Crawford Schuldt’s “Molecules and Music”
  • Stories by Robert Coles, John Israel, Steven H. Hochman, Alfred Burger, and Agnes Crawford Schuldt
  • Poetry by John Ashbery, Jane Miller, David McAleavey, and Bonnie Gordon


Spring 1981

Volume 57, Number 2

  • James A. Nathan’s “Zbigscam: U.S. Foreign Policy, 1976-80”
  • Carl N. Degler’s “Rethinking Post-Civil War History”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “Shakespearean Tragedy and the Nostalgic Vision”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “The Books I Left Behind”
  • Stories by James A. Nathan, Carl N. Degler, Irby B. Cauthen, and Samuel Pickering
  • Poetry by Albert Goldbarth, Mary Ruefle, Forough Farrokhzad, and Laurie Sheck


Winter 1981

Volume 57, Number 1

  • A. S. Knowles’s “ ‘Shadows on the Sand’ ”
  • Charles Maechling’s “Japan and the United States: the Brittle Alliance”
  • Walter Harding’s “Walden’s Man of Science”
  • Jane Barnes’s “John Updike: A Literary Spider”
  • Stories by A. S. Knowles, Charles Maechling, Walter Harding, and Jane Barnes
  • Poetry by Daniel Mark Epstein, Eleanor Ross Taylor, Heather McHugh, and Barbara Eve


Autumn 1980

Volume 56, Number 4

  • Lucinda H. Mackethan’s “I’ll Take My Stand: The Relevance of the Agrarian Vision”
  • Carol Shloss’s “The Privilege of Perception”
  • John Seelye’s “Georgia Boys: the Redclay Satyrs of Erskine Caldwell and Harry Crews”
  • Louis J. Halle’s “The Role of the University In International Relations”
  • Stories by Lucinda H. Mackethan, Carol Shloss, John Seelye, and Louis J. Halle
  • Poetry by Stuart Dybek, Robert Morgan, John Vernon, and Jay Parini


Summer 1980

Volume 56, Number 3

  • Nora Beloff’s “Russia and the Hundred-Headed Hydra”
  • Francelia Butler’s “Children’s Literature: the Bad Seed”
  • Molly Ingle Michie’s “A Splendid Day”
  • John Halperin’s “Eminent Victorians and History”
  • Stories by Nora Beloff, Francelia Butler, Molly Ingle Michie, and John Halperin
  • Poetry by Mark Rudman, Stanley Moss, Chris Gilbert, and Phillis Levin


Spring 1980

Volume 56, Number 2

  • Michael Nelson’s “The White House, Bureaucracy, and Foreign Policy: Lessons From Cambodia”
  • Richard T. Selden’s “An Economist Looks At the 80’s”
  • Ralph E. Luker’s “Garry Wills and the New Debate Over the Declaration of Independence”
  • Robert J. Brugger’s “The Mind of the Old South: New Views”
  • Stories by Michael Nelson, Richard T. Selden, Ralph E. Luker, and Robert J. Brugger
  • Poetry by Rita Dove, Cynthia Huntington, Jack Myers, and Keith Althaus


Winter 1980

Volume 56, Number 1

  • John Milton Cooper’s “World War I: European Origins and American Intervention”
  • Douglas Day’s “Borges, Faulkner, and the Wild Palms”
  • W. D. Ehrhart’s “Why I Did It”
  • Richard R. Guzman’s “The Saint and the Sage: the Fiction of Raja Rao”
  • Stories by John Milton Cooper, Douglas Day, W. D. Ehrhart, and Richard R. Guzman
  • Poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Dara Wier, Richard Eberhart, and Franz Wright