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Autumn 1979

Volume 55, Number 4

  • Oscar Mandel’s “Against Castrated Art”
  • Dore Ashton’s “Cezanne and His Temperament”
  • G. Edward White’s “The Unacknowledged Lesson: Earl Warren and the Japanese Relocation Controversy”
  • Jesse Bier’s “Now—And Then”
  • Stories by Oscar Mandel, Dore Ashton, G. Edward White, and Jesse Bier
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Mazzocco, Julia Mishkin, and Merrill Oliver


Summer 1979

Volume 55, Number 3

  • Allen Josephs’s “Homage to Andalucia”
  • Kenneth W. Thompson’s “Survival Imperiled: the Threat of Illusion and Despair”
  • Harold Fromm’s “Virginia Woolf: Art and Sexuality”
  • Alan Davidson’s “Dumas Pere, Chef Extraordinaire”
  • Stories by Allen Josephs, Kenneth W. Thompson, Harold Fromm, and Alan Davidson
  • Poetry by Sherod Santos, Carl Dennis, Sydney Lea, and Jay Meek


Spring 1979

Volume 55, Number 2

  • Louis D. Rubin’s “The Boll Weevil, the Iron Horse, and the End of the Line: Thoughts on the South”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “ ‘A Complete and Generous Education’: Milton and Jefferson”
  • Helen White’s “Shelby Foote’s Iliad”
  • Nancy Hale’s “The Real Thing”
  • Stories by Louis D. Rubin, Irby B. Cauthen, Helen White, and Nancy Hale
  • Poetry by Jorie Graham, Debora Greger, Linda Pastan, and Karen Swenson


Winter 1979

Volume 55, Number 1

  • Adda B. Bozeman’s “Law and Diplomacy In the Quest for Peace”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “Continuing Education, Or Beyond the Ph.D.”
  • Louis J. Halle’s “The Flight of Seabirds”
  • Paul A. Zahl’s “In A Molluscan Mood”
  • Stories by Adda B. Bozeman, Samuel Pickering, Louis J. Halle, and Paul A. Zahl
  • Poetry by Lauren Shakely


Autumn 1978

Volume 54, Number 4

  • John Bovey’s “Boats Against the Current: Notes of A Returning Exile”
  • George P. Elliott’s “Snarls of Beauty”
  • Norman A. Graebner’s “Government Without Consensus”
  • Paul Roazen’s “Orwell, Freud, and 1984”
  • Stories by John Bovey, George P. Elliott, Norman A. Graebner, and Paul Roazen
  • Poetry by Irving Feldman, Boris Pasternak, and Carol Muske Dukes


Summer 1978

Volume 54, Number 3

  • Quentin Anderson’s “Property and Vision in 19th Century America”
  • Redding S. Sugg’s “The Pedagogy of Love”
  • John Morion Blum’s “A Celebration of Frederick Merk (1887-1977)”
  • David Levin’s “Yvor Winters at Stanford”
  • Stories by Quentin Anderson, Redding S. Sugg, John Morion Blum, and David Levin
  • Poetry by Daniel Mark Epstein, Jane Miller, John Engels, and Frederick Morgan


Spring 1978

Volume 54, Number 2

  • Thomas G. Paterson’s “Bearing the Burden: A Critical Look At JFK’s Foreign Policy”
  • Jane Barnes Casey’s “A View of Peter Taylor’s Stories”
  • Amy R. Sims’s “Intellectuals In Crisis: Historians Under Hitler”
  • John Hammond Moore’s “Getting Fritz to Talk”
  • Stories by Thomas G. Paterson, Jane Barnes Casey, Amy R. Sims, and John Hammond Moore
  • Poetry by Mark Strand and Charles Simic


Winter 1978

Volume 54, Number 1

  • Kenneth W. Thompson’s “America and the World: Looking Into the Third Century”
  • Ralph Ketcham’s “James Madison: the Unimperial President”
  • Charles Maechling’s “Prescription for Detente”
  • Richard Jones’s “Scottish and Welsh Nationalism”
  • Stories by Kenneth W. Thompson, Ralph Ketcham, Charles Maechling, and Richard Jones
  • Poetry by Mark Strand, Carolyn Forche, Ira Sadoff, and Jane Kenyon


Autumn 1977

Volume 53, Number 4

  • John Seelye’s “The Measure of His Company: Richard M. Nixon In Amber”
  • James A. Nuechterlein’s “Neo-Conservatism and Its Critics”
  • Fred Hobson’s “James Mcbride Dabbs: Isaac Mccaslin In South Carolina”
  • John Milton Cooper’s “Walter Hines Page: the Southerner As American”
  • Stories by John Seelye, James A. Nuechterlein, Fred Hobson, and John Milton Cooper
  • Poetry by Charles Simic, Mark Rudman, Quentin Vest, and Thomas Lux


Summer 1977

Volume 53, Number 3

  • Glen O. Robinson’s “The New Communications: Planning for Abundance”
  • Margaret Edwards’s “The Fountain of Milk: From A Serbian Legend”
  • George Core’s “A Naturalist Looks at Sentiment”
  • David M. Wyatt’s “Robert Penn Warren: the Critic As Artist”
  • Stories by Glen O. Robinson, Margaret Edwards, George Core, and David M. Wyatt
  • Poetry by Anonymous, Chong Min-Gyo, Ben Belitt, and Angela Peckenpaugh


Spring 1977

Volume 53, Number 2

  • Richard H. King’s “Mourning and Melancholia: Will Percy and the Southern Tradition”
  • Louis J. Halle’s “The Conduct Versus the Teaching of International Relations”
  • Lucian W. Pye’s “A Very Exceptional Communist”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “Carson McCullers: the Aesthetic of Pain”
  • Stories by Richard H. King, Louis J. Halle, Lucian W. Pye, and Louis D. Rubin
  • Poetry by Louise Conant, Hank Lazer, and Wyatt Prunty


Winter 1977

Volume 53, Number 1

  • Rajni Kothari’s “Restoring India’s Political Process”
  • John Bovey’s “Charles XI”
  • Bernard P. Kiernan’s “War and Zero-Sum Games”
  • Richard A. Lanham’s “The Abusage of Usage”
  • Stories by Rajni Kothari, John Bovey, Bernard P. Kiernan, and Richard A. Lanham
  • Poetry by Herbert Morris, Gary Margolis, and John Carr


Autumn 1976

Volume 52, Number 4

  • Burling Lowrey’s “The Dehumanization of Sports”
  • Mason Willrich’s “The Multinational Oil Industry’s Future Role”
  • Murat Williams’s “Browbeaten By Humpty Dumpty, Or Quitting the Liberal Label”
  • Millicent Bell’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman”
  • Stories by Burling Lowrey, Mason Willrich, Murat Williams, and Millicent Bell
  • Poetry by Marvin Bell, Nicholas Christopher, Margaret Robison, and John Engels


Summer 1976

Volume 52, Number 3

  • Edmund S. Morgan’s “George Washington: the Aloof American”
  • G. Edward White’s “The Supreme Court’s Public and the Public’s Supreme Court”
  • Nancy Hale’s “Ceremony of Innocence”
  • Merrill Peterson’s “Mr. Jefferson’s “Sovereignty of the Living Generation””
  • Stories by Edmund S. Morgan, G. Edward White, Nancy Hale, and Merrill Peterson
  • Poetry by Donald Hall and Lisel Mueller


Spring 1976

Volume 52, Number 2

  • David Gates’s “A Highly Irregular Children’s Story: The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine”
  • Alan Spiegel’s “The Mud on Napoleon’s Boots: the Adventitious Detail In Film and Fiction”
  • Anne Williams Ferguson’s “Carry Me Not, Repeat Not, Back to Ole Virginny: A Boarding School Chronicle of the 40’s”
  • John Talbott’s “The Strange Death of Maurice Audin”
  • Stories by David Gates, Alan Spiegel, Anne Williams Ferguson, and John Talbott
  • Poetry by Elisabeth Murawski, Anne Hobson Freeman, Malovika Mukerji, and Robert McDermott


Winter 1976

Volume 52, Number 1

  • Margaret Edwards’s “The Disappointment”
  • Stephen A. Garrett’s “Prospects of Peace Or War”
  • Millicent Bell’s “Jamesian Being”
  • Stories by Margaret Edwards, Stephen A. Garrett, and Millicent Bell
  • Poetry by T. Alan Broughton, Peter Cooley, and Ira Sadoff


Autumn 1975

Volume 51, Number 4

  • John A. Allen’s “Eudora Welty: the Three Moments”
  • Seymour Harold Glazer’s “A Woman of Eminent Distinction”
  • Harlan Cleveland’s “We Took Our Eye Off the Ball”
  • Roy C. Macridis’s “Democracy In Greece: for How Long?”
  • Stories by John A. Allen, Seymour Harold Glazer, Harlan Cleveland, and Roy C. Macridis
  • Poetry by Anne Winters


Summer 1975

Volume 51, Number 3

  • Arthur N. Gilbert’s “Philosophical Pessimism and the Study of War”
  • Cyrus Hoy’s “Shakespeare, Sidney, and Marlowe: the Metamorphoses of Love”
  • Peter Mathias’s “Doctor Johnson and the Business World”
  • James M. Cox’s “The Scarlet Letter: Through the Old Manse and the Custom House”
  • Stories by Arthur N. Gilbert, Cyrus Hoy, Peter Mathias, and James M. Cox
  • Poetry by Elizabeth Morgan, Hank Lazer, and Graeme Wilson


Spring 1975

Volume 51, Number 2

  • Reynolds Price’s “Commencing”
  • Dumas Malone’s “The Scholar’s Way: Then and Now”
  • Howard Nemerov’s “Poetry and History”
  • Cleanth Brooks’s “Faulkner’s Criticism of Modern America”
  • Poetry by Hayden Carruth, Donald Hall, Robert Penn Warren, and Peter Taylor


Winter 1975

Volume 51, Number 1

  • Adda B. Bozeman’s “Civilizations Under Stress: Reflections on Cultural Borrowing and Survival”
  • Jan S. Prybyla’s “Impressions of the Chinese Economy”
  • Lowell R. Tillett’s “The Sad State of Cultural Life In Moscow (Or Peking) As Viewed From Peking (Or Moscow)”
  • John Bovey’s “The Golden Sunshine”
  • Stories by Adda B. Bozeman, Jan S. Prybyla, Lowell R. Tillett, and John Bovey
  • Poetry by James Hearst


Autumn 1974

Volume 50, Number 4

  • “Attractions and Dangers of Nostalgia” by Hayden Carruth