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Autumn 1999

Volume 75, Number 4

  • Harold H. Kolb’s “Border Collie”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Walt Whitman and Our Multicultural America”
  • Pat C. Hoy II’s “Homage to Vietnam”
  • J. A. S. Evans’s “Greek Letter”
  • Stories by Harold H. Kolb, Sanford Pinsker, Pat C. Hoy II, and J. A. S. Evans
  • Poetry by Kirk Robinson, Jennifer Militello, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, and Mark Cunningham


Summer 1999

Volume 75, Number 3

  • Philip Gould’s “My Clandestine Career”
  • Raymond Nelson’s “Harlem Gallery: An Advertisement and User’s Manual”
  • Jane Demouy’s “Elegy for Katherine Anne”
  • Philip D. Beidler’s “Ted Turner et al. at Gettysburg; or, Re-Enactors in the Attic”
  • Stories by Philip Gould, Raymond Nelson, Jane Demouy, and Philip D. Beidler
  • Poetry by Saigyo, Charles Harper Webb, R. D. Skillings, and Peter Henry


Spring 1999

Volume 75, Number 2

  • John Smolens’s “In the Desert”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “The Jesuit Republic of South America”
  • David Kirby’s “What is a Book?”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Hemingways: An American Tragedy”
  • Stories by John Smolens, Richard O’Mara, David Kirby, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Martha Ostheimer, Nicole Pekarske, Mary Oliver, and Paul Breslin


Winter 1999

Volume 75, Number 1

  • Peter Bridges’s “The Polymath From Vermont”
  • Cecil C. H. Cullander’s “Why Thomas Mann Wrote”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “Family Memoirs of Thomas Mann”
  • Emily Auerbach’s “ ‘A Barkeeper Entering the Kingdom of Heaven’: Did Mark Twain Really Hate Jane Austen?”
  • Stories by PETER BRIDGES, Cecil C. H. Cullander, Jeffrey Meyers, and Emily Auerbach
  • Poetry by Stephen Dobyns, Susan Maurer, Dennis Sampson, and Jacquelyn Pope


Autumn 1998

Volume 74, Number 4

  • John McNeel’s “On the Fedala Road”
  • David H. Lynn’s “Monkeys, Firecrackers, and Dust”
  • Louis B. Zimmer’s “Jacques Et Francois: Derrida vs. Voltaire”
  • Howard P. Segal’s “Technology, History, and Culture: An Appreciation of Melvin Kranzberg”
  • Stories by John McNeel, David H. Lynn, Louis B. Zimmer, and Howard P. Segal
  • Poetry by Robert Morgan, Dennis Sampson, Chana Bloch, and Peter Cooley


Summer 1998

Volume 74, Number 3

  • Robert Erwin’s “Tax Aversion”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “Gonzo Ginsberg and Moby Dickey: A Memoir”
  • Charles East’s “Oxford-In-Yoknapatawpha”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Stanley Crouch, Our Black American Mencken”
  • Stories by Robert Erwin, Jeffrey Meyers, Charles East, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Victor Lodato, Marjorie Woodbury, Dana Roeser, and T. Alan Broughton


Spring 1998

Volume 74, Number 2

  • Robert Mason’s “Surviving the Blue Killer, 1918”
  • George Watson’s “How to Be An Angel”
  • Helen Barolini’s “The Shadowy Lady of the Street of Dark Shops”
  • Morris Freedman’s “From Hellenism to Hebraism, the Essay In Our Time: Gore Vidal and Irving Kristol”
  • Stories by Robert Mason, George Watson, Helen Barolini, and Morris Freedman
  • Poetry by Lisa Williams, David Wagoner, Ruth Anderson Barnett, and Len Roberts


Winter 1998

Volume 74, Number 1

• Leonard Kriegel’s “Wonder Woman In the Land of Good and Plenty: Big Winners and Little Losers”
• Leslie W. Dunbar’s “The Final New South?”
• William Palmer’s “Sir Richard Southern Looks Back: A Portrait of the Medievalist as a Young Man”
• Merrill Peterson’s “My Six Weeks In the Peace Corps: An Armenian Adventure”
• Stories by Leonard Kriegel, Leslie W. Dunbar, William Palmer, and Merrill Peterson
• Poetry by Catherine Sasanov, Mary Helen Detmer, John Donoghue, and Eamon Grennan



Autumn 1997

Volume 73, Number 4

  • G. Edward White’s “The Last Train From Victoria Falls”
  • Peter Harris’s “Poetry Chronicle: Difficult and Otherwise: New Work By Ruefle, Young, and Aleshire”
  • George Watson’s “The Birth of Jeeves”
  • William Berry’s “Personal Politics: American Autobiography”
  • Stories by G. Edward White, Peter Harris, George Watson, and William Berry
  • Poetry by Charles Harper Webb, Pat Mangan, John Skoyles, and D. Nurkse


Summer 1997

Volume 73, Number 3

  • Carol Ascher’s “Der Rechte Weg”
  • Peter Bridges’s “Prince Albert and King Lothar”
  • Abe Kriegel’s “Up for Grabs”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Reading Faces/Reading Culture, Or How I Brooded About Three Writerly Photographs”
  • Stories by Carol Ascher, Peter Bridges, Abe Kriegel, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen Cushman, Janet Sylvester, and David Bottoms


Spring 1997

Volume 73, Number 2

  • R. E. Nelson’s “Reunion”
  • David Wyatt’s “The Last Spring At Yale”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Jaguar”
  • Anthony Winner’s “On the Valuing of Narratives”
  • Stories by R. E. Nelson, David Wyatt, Richard O’Mara, and Anthony Winner
  • Poetry by Mark Halliday, Ronald Wallace, David Ignatow, and John Lane


Winter 1997

Volume 73, Number 1

  • W. D. Ehrhart’s “ ‘What Grace is Found in So Much Loss?’”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Musing About Orwell’s ‘Politics and The English Language’—50 Years Later”
  • Morris Freedman’s “The Fall of Charlie Van Doren”
  • Rawdon Dalrymple’s “Continental Drift: The Case of Australia”
  • Stories by W. D. Ehrhart, Sanford Pinsker, Morris Freedman, and Rawdon Dalrymple
  • Poetry by Charles Wright, Jane Shore, Larry Levis, and Larissa Szporluk


Autumn 1996

Volume 72, Number 4

  • John Taylor’s “Taking the Odium Out of Sodium”
  • Leonard Kriegel’s “New York Losers-And Winners”
  • Brad Barkley’s “Escaping”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Albert Murray: the Black Intellectuals’ Maverick Patriarch”
  • Stories by John Taylor, Leonard Kriegel, Brad Barkley, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Mary Winifred Hood, Susan Imhof, Sam Witt, and Edward Kleinschmidt


Summer 1996

Volume 72, Number 3

  • Patricia Foster’s “Outside the Hive: A Meditation on Childlessness”
  • Robert Erwin’s “Injuns”
  • Stephen Minot’s “An Open Letter to Christians, Both Born and Reborn: An Informal Essay”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “Bogart and Hemingway”
  • Stories by Patricia Foster, Robert Erwin, Stephen Minot, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Ira Sadoff, Peter Cooley, Marcia Southwick, and Don Barkin


Spring 1996

Volume 72, Number 2

  • Jeanne Schinto’s “The Lover of Libraries”
  • Lionel Basney’s “Mia California: An Opera Journal”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Obsolescence, the Death of Newspapers, and All That”
  • J. A. S. Evans’s “The Present State of Canada”
  • Stories by Jeanne Schinto, Lionel Basney, Richard O’Mara, and J. A. S. Evans
  • Poetry by Jon Loomis, Marianne Boruch, Patricia Dobler, and Elena Karina Byrne


Winter 1996

Volume 72, Number 1

  • David Kirby’s “What Is A Writer?”
  • Tucker Carrington’s “The Grammar of Hard Facts: Joseph Mitchell’s Up In the Old Hotel”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “He Had A Dream, and It Shot Him: What Happened to Visions of Racial Harmony, and Why”
  • Francis Leary’s “Robespierre: the Meaning of Virtue”
  • Stories by David Kirby, Tucker Carrington, Sanford Pinsker, and Francis Leary
  • Poetry by Charles Simic, Albert Goldbarth, Stephen Dobyns, and Mark Svenvold


Autumn 1995

Volume 71, Number 4

  • Hilary Masters’s “Connections”
  • Thomas Russell’s “The Age of Sanity”
  • Peter Harris’s “Varieties of Religious Experience: New Work By Galway Kinnell, Jane Hirshfield, and Rodney Jones”
  • Joseph Hynes’s “Tom Stoppard’s Lighted March”
  • Stories by Hilary Masters, Thomas Russell, Peter Harris, and Joseph Hynes
  • Poetry by Dave Smith, Sydney Lea, Stanley Marcus, and Stan Sanvel Rubin


Summer 1995

Volume 71, Number 3

  • Steven G. Kellman’s “Food Fights in Iowa: The Vegetarian Stranger in Recent Midwest Fiction”
  • Alexander Burnham’s “Okinawa, Harry Truman, and the Atomic Bomb”
  • Bruce Fleming’s “Intimations of India”
  • Abe Kriegel’s “Out of Context: A New York Jew in the New South”
  • Stories by Steven G. Kellman, Alexander Burnham, Bruce Fleming, and Abe Kriegel
  • Poetry by James Wood, Frances Mayes, Susan Davis, and Alan Williamson


Spring 1995

Volume 71, Number 2

  • Booton Herndon’s “Corpses Thawing In Springtime: the Bulge Revisited”
  • Morris Freedman’s “How Dead Is Poetry?”
  • Paul Barolsky’s “Fables of Art”
  • Jack R. Fischel’s “The New Anti-Semitic Axis: Holocaust Denial, Black Nationalism, and the Crisis on Our College Campuses”
  • Stories by Booton Herndon, Morris Freedman, Paul Barolsky, and Jack R. Fischel
  • Poetry by Robert Hill Long, D. S. Burnham, Lisa Gade, and Elizabeth W. Holden


Winter 1995

Volume 71, Number 1

  • Charles Maechling Jr.’s “The Next Century—Can the Free Market Panacea Survice?”
  • Leonard Kriegel’s “Boundaries of Freedom: Liberals, Patriotism, and Melting Pots”
  • Hardy C. Wilcoxon’s “Vignettes of Vietnam”
  • Richard Tillinghast’s “Robert Lowell on Native Ground”
  • Stories by Charles Maechling Jr., Leonard Kriegel, Hardy C. Wilcoxon, and Richard Tillinghast
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Linda Pastan, Renate Wood, and Dorothy Mosel Sutton


Autumn 1994

Volume 70, Number 4

  • Booton Herndon’s “Paris Was Yesterday”
  • John Egerton’s “The Pre-Brown South”
  • Russell Fraser’s “Proserpine’s Island”
  • Stories by Booton Herndon, John Egerton, and Russell Fraser
  • Poetry by Michael Jay McClure, Natasha Saje, Jane Hilberry, and Adele Slaughter


Summer 1994

Volume 70, Number 3

  • Sydney Lea’s “Mercy on Beeson’s Partridge”
  • Morris Freedman’s “The Persistence of Plagiarism, the Riddle of Originality”
  • Helen Barolini’s “The Italian Side of Emily Dickinson”
  • Kenneth W. Thompson’s “John F. Kennedy and Revisionism”
  • Stories by Sydney Lea, Morris Freedman, Helen Barolini, and Kenneth W. Thompson
  • Poetry by Steve Kronen, Dave Smith, Michael Mott, and Elizabeth Dodd


Spring 1994

Volume 70, Number 2

  • Simone Poirier-Bures’s “Return”
  • Samuel Pickering’s “Early Spring”
  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “More, Not Less, History!”
  • Abe Kriegel’s “A Prayer for My Daughter”
  • Stories by Simone Poirier-Bures, Samuel Pickering, Hans A. Schmitt, and Abe Kriegel
  • Poetry by Jack Gilbert, Kevin Boyle, Lynn Doyle, and Conrad Hilberry


Winter 1994

Volume 70, Number 1

  • Louis D. Rubin’s “Did Churchill Ruin ‘The Great Work of Time’? Thoughts on the New British Revisionism”
  • Robert Olen Butler’s “The Handwriting on the Wall”
  • Hunt Janin’s “The Post-Information Society”
  • Leonard Kriegel’s “Beaches In Winter”
  • Stories by Louis D. Rubin, Robert Olen Butler, Hunt Janin, and Leonard Kriegel
  • Poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar, Lawrence Raab, Carol Frost, and T. Alan Broughton


Autumn 1993

Volume 69, Number 4

  • Christopher Clausen’s “Jack-In-The-Pulpit”
  • Burling Lowrey’s “The Timelessness of Stephen Potter’s Gamesmanship”
  • Julia Whitty’s “The Daguerreotype”
  • Peter Harris’s “Poetry Chronicle An Extravagant Three: New Poetry By Mitchell, Hoagland, and Gallagher”
  • Stories by Christopher Clausen, Burling Lowrey, Julia Whitty, and Peter Harris
  • Poetry by Donald Platt, Ken Dola, T. Alan Broughton, and Len Roberts


Summer 1993

Volume 69, Number 3

  • Richard Stern’s “Janet Lewis”
  • Harold B. Mcsween’s “Huey Long At His Centenary”
  • Francis Leary’s “Beau Law and Mississippi High-Rollers”
  • John W. Stevenson’s “Poetry As Prescription for the World’s Body”
  • Stories by Richard Stern, Harold B. Mcsween, Francis Leary, and John W. Stevenson
  • Poetry by Mekeel McBride, Debra Nystrom, Mary Leader, and Connie Wanek


Spring 1993

Volume 69, Number 2

  • Sarah Hardison O’Connor’s “Exiled: A Memoir of O. B. Hardison, Jr.”
  • Henry Taylor’s “A Few Lessons From Horses”
  • David T. Gies’s “Spain 1992: Notes From A Survivor”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “The Left-Handed Glove (A Memory)”
  • Stories by Sarah Hardison O’Connor, Henry Taylor, David T. Gies, and Louis D. Rubin
  • Poetry by John McKernan, Marianne Boruch, Dabney Stuart, and William Stafford


Winter 1993

Volume 69, Number 1

  • Peter Shaw’s “Cutting A Classic Down to Size”
  • David K. Dunaway’s “No Credit Given: The Underground Literature of Bob Dylan”
  • William F. Ryan’s “The Techno-Thriller”
  • Irby B. Cauthen’s “Family Voices”
  • Stories by Peter Shaw, David K. Dunaway, William F. Ryan, and Irby B. Cauthen
  • Poetry by Tony Crunk, Beth Stahlecker, Susan Hahn, and Joy Manesiotis


Autumn 1992

Volume 68, Number 4

  • John Bovey’s “The Hand of Fat’ma”
  • Bettina Drew’s “Bradford Market”
  • Joseph Hynes’s “Pinter and Morality”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “Splendors and Miseries of Literary Biography”
  • Stories by John Bovey, Bettina Drew, Joseph Hynes, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Debra Kaufman, Martha Rhodes, Jane Kenyon, and Connie Wanek


Summer 1992

Volume 68, Number 3

  • Frances Mayes’s “The Walking Rain”
  • Patricia Rowe Willrich’s “Watching Through Windows: A Perspective on Anne Tyler”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “The Passionate Poet and the Use of Criticism”
  • James A. Nathan’s “A New World Order? Policy Or Platitude”
  • Stories by Frances Mayes, Patricia Rowe Willrich, Louis D. Rubin, and James A. Nathan
  • Poetry by Ellen Bryant Voigt, Stanley Plumly, Dionisio D. Martinez, and Jeannine Savard


Spring 1992

Volume 68, Number 2

  • Bruce Fleming’s “On the Unity of the ‘I’ ”
  • Arthur A. Bardos’s “Reunion In Budapest”
  • Peter Makuck’s “Chappell’s Continuities: First and Last Words”
  • Walter Harding’s “The Adventures of A Literary Detective In Search of Thoreau”
  • Stories by Bruce Fleming, Arthur A. Bardos, Peter Makuck, and Walter Harding
  • Poetry by Albert Goldbarth, Kenneth Rosen, David Lehman, and Russell Bahorsky


Winter 1992

Volume 68, Number 1

  • Bernice Grohskopf’s “Moscow Kitchens, Moscow Nights”
  • Robert Zaretsky’s “It’s Still All Greek to Us: on the Timelessness of Thucydides”
  • Constance Curry’s “ ‘Silver Rights’: One Family’s Struggle for Justice in America”
  • Pat C. Hoy’s “Imagining Lives of Our Own”
  • Stories by Bernice Grohskopf, Robert Zaretsky, Constance Curry, and Pat C. Hoy
  • Poetry by Mary Hower, J. C. Ellefson, Bethany Pray, and David Ignatow


Autumn 1991

Volume 67, Number 4

  • Samuel Pickering’s “Speakeasy”
  • Morris Freedman’s “John Milton and the King of Poland”
  • Francis Leary’s “ ‘Tayo! Tayo!’ in Nouvelle-Cyth?”
  • George Greene’s “Elizabeth Bowen: the Sleuth Who Bugged Tea Cups”
  • Stories by Samuel Pickering, Morris Freedman, Francis Leary, and George Greene
  • Poetry by William Matthews, Charlie Smith, Michael McFee, and Beckian Fritz Goldberg


Summer 1991

Volume 67, Number 3

  • David H. Lynn’s “Telling Irony: Peter Taylor’s Later Stories”
  • Peter Harris’s “Hunger, Hope, and Nurture: Poetry From Michael Ryan, the Chinese Democracy Movement, and Maxine Kumi”
  • John T. Irwin’s “The Journey to the South: Poe, Borges, and Faulkner”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “William Faulkner and My Middle East Problem”
  • Stories by David H. Lynn, Peter Harris, John T. Irwin, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Peter Cooley, Elizabeth Dodd, and Terese Svoboda


Spring 1991

Volume 67, Number 2

  • Susan M. Schultz’s “Houses of Poetry After Ashbery: the Poetry of Ann Lauterbach and Donald Revell”
  • Patricia Rowe Willrich’s “A Perspective on Wallace Stegner”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “W.J. Cash After Fifty Years”
  • David Mayers’s “Diplomacy and the Politics of Amelioration: the Thought of George Kennan”
  • Stories by Susan M. Schultz, Patricia Rowe Willrich, Louis D. Rubin, and David Mayers
  • Poetry by Nancy J. Brandwein, Len Roberts, Michael Lauchlan, and Sandra Nelson


Winter 1991

Volume 67, Number 1

  • Kelly Cherry’s “Justice”
  • James Axtell’s “The Making of A Scholar-Athlete”
  • Eugene Nassar’s “Symbols and Texts: A Personal Sketch of Literary Criticism Since the Fifties”
  • Sydney Lea’s “A Winter Grouse”
  • Stories by Kelly Cherry, James Axtell, Eugene Nassar, and Sydney Lea
  • Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Cara Chamberlain, Wes Ryan, and Judy Longley


Autumn 1990

Volume 66, Number 4

  • John A. Glusman’s “Heroes and Sons: Coming to Terms”
  • Greg Johnson’s “ ‘On the Edge of an Abyss’: The Writer as Insomniac”
  • George Watson’s “Shakespeare and the Norman Conquest: English in the Elizabethan Theatre”
  • Bernice Grohskopf’s ““I’ll Be a Farmer”: Boyhood Letters of William James”
  • Stories by John A. Glusman, Greg Johnson, George Watson, and Bernice Grohskopf
  • Poetry by Jane Brox, Angela Ball, Victor M. Depta, and Kenneth Rosen


Summer 1990

Volume 66, Number 3

  • Fenton Johnson’s “Catholic In the South: Confessions of A Convert’s Son”
  • Edwin M. Yoder’s “The Princess Casamassima Revisited”
  • Roy Macridis’s “The ‘Other Side’ of Jacobinism”
  • Peter Harris’s “Forty Years of Richard Wilbur: the Loving Work of An Equilibrist”
  • Stories by Fenton Johnson, Edwin M. Yoder, Roy Macridis, and Peter Harris
  • Poetry by John Engman, Marisa De Los Santos, Robert Schultz, and William Stafford


Spring 1990

Volume 66, Number 2

  • Sal Woelfel’s “The Duckling Essays”
  • Howell Raines’s “The ‘Strange Country’ ”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Quest for D.H. Lawrence”
  • Henry Taylor’s “The Fun of the End of the World: David R. Slavitt’s Poems”
  • Stories by Sal Woelfel, Howell Raines, Jeffrey Meyers, and Henry Taylor
  • Poetry by Donald Hall, Henry Hart, Stephen Dobyns, and Mark Halliday


Winter 1990

Volume 66, Number 1

  • Florence Chanock Cohen’s “Layla: An Israeli Parable”
  • Louis D. Rubin’s “From Combray to Ithaca; Or, the ‘Southernness’ of Southern Literature”
  • Gaines M. Foster’s “Coming to Terms With Defeat: Post-Vietnam America and the Post-Civil War South”
  • Piri Halasz’s “Growing Up Progressive”
  • Stories by Florence Chanock Cohen, Louis D. Rubin, Gaines M. Foster, and Piri Halasz
  • Poetry by Richard Dankleff, Alan Williamson, Carl Dennis, and Roger Fanning